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“I’m at your service in this, Ma’am. I’ve never
refused a fight.”

I’ve never lost one, either!

To his surprise, instead of making a pass at him, she sauntered
over to join him at the service niche. She took up an Imperial
armorers’ sponge in her fingers, and began cleaning and
disinfecting the blade of an épée, which showed that she knew
what she was doing.

Her curled hand stroked firmly up and down the long shaft,
leaving a gleaming trail of moisture where the sponge in her palm
had pressed. The erotic suggestion was almost certainly

Two could play at that.

Two probably would. They both had a lot to learn, and most of
it was about sex, one way or another.

Back Cover Blurb




"Carpe Scrotum. Seize life by the testicles." Electra pondered her private mantra as....


Cover Scene
"So you are Electra-Djerroldina."

'Rhett introduces the "cover" scene
"My first appearance was in a book called Forced Mate. It's a chess title for a race between the two Kings to make a pawn his Queen, and my author took every traditional situation in an abduction/obligatory-travel Historical Romance and made the hero an all-powerful, alpha-male alien, a god-Prince with a nasty reputation.....

Excerpt from Chapter:
"So you are Electra-Djerroldina." A female of indeterminable age, haloed by a dangerous, ultra-violet aura, addressed her in perfect Imperial High Court. "My dear, you are welcome, but you must forgive us if we continue with Djarrhett's Reading."

Having delivered a regal welcome and a warning, this violet-eyed Princess tapped the card on 'Rhett's left, which was a picture of a naked male lying half-submerged in a dark pool. She addressed the seated female at 'Rhett's table....


"You've got a tiger loose in here, Sir," he said in a strangled whisper.

"Here's the scheme as I grasp it, Sir." Grievous said. "Oh, my Lord! What the…?"

The man's posture stiffened. Fear leaked from his pores. "You've got a tiger loose in here, Sir," he said in a strangled whisper.

"I've two."

The human squeezed his ankles and knees together. He interlaced his fingers, and pressed his balled, linked hands into his lap. He swallowed hard, and the lump humans have in their scrawny throats jerked.

"They're my sister's. I could hardly smuggle two tigers aboard The Trajant. They'd eat the crew while she sleeps, and give the game away." In some amusement, he watched Grievous's light blue gaze zigzag, as the Englishman tried to locate the second tiger.


Houston we have a problem

Bedroom Scene









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