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Rowena Cherry’s MATING NET wins the Best E-Book: Fiction of the Best Books 2006 Book Awards

Ottawa, ON – Rowena Cherry’s MATING NET is awarded the Best E-Book :Fiction Award. is the premiere online magazine and review website for mainstream and independent publishing houses.

MATING NET is the prequel to Ms. Cherry’s award nominated debut novel FORCED MATE, a futuristic romance released in 2005.  “MATING NET began as a paragraph of backstory in FORCED MATE. Because the heroine gets into bed with the wrong god --first-- it never occurred to me that it was a publishable story, let alone a potentially award-winning romance,” says the award winning of author.  “I am thrilled that MATING NET has been honored with this award”

Rowena Cherry’s next book is INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL published by Dorchester due out February 2007.  Ms Cherry currently lives in Michigan with her husband and daughter.

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Rowena Cherry not only writes magical romantic adventures, but she's lived them as well.

From sharing dinner with an Arabian princess to tutoring a Duke's son,

her life has been a whirlwind of exotic experiences—giving her plenty of inspiration for her debut romance novel, Forced Mate, to be released as part of Dorchester Publishing's Love Spell imprint in November 2004.

Forced Mate caught the eye of Dorchester's editors as an entry in the 2003 New Voice in Romance Contest for unpublished authors. Rowena's clever wit and outrageous take on the traditional abduction fantasy made her a finalist in the contest.

As the next god-Emperor of Tigron, Prince Tarrant-Arragon is renowned for his sexual prowess and has his choice of lovely young women ... whether he wants them or not. But the Earthling mate of his dreams is not only a feminist and the secret daughter of his greatest enemy, but she has sworn to thwart Tarrant-Arragon or die in the attempt. He knows that when she finds out whose bed she’s in, she’ll either castrate him or kill him.

Nicole Hulst of raves, "Forced Mate is one of the best science-fiction romances I've read all year," and author New York Times best-selling author Susan Grant declared it "A fantastically original page-turner!"

After a life of globetrotting, Rowena currently lives—for now—in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, with her husband and six-year-old daughter.

Leah Hultenschmidt
Manager of Public Relations,
Advertising & Website Operations
Dorchester Publishing

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Detroit Area Author Wins Honorable Mention in the JADA Press Annual Book Awards.

2005 came in with a wealth of excitement for JADA Press, and for BLOOMFIELD
HILLS author Rowena Beaumont Cherry and her auto-designer husband, Wayne K

As the clock struck midnight, it not only signaled a New Year, but it was
time to announce the winners, First Runners-up and four books that received an
Honorable Mention in the JADA PRESS Book of the Year Awards for Fiction and

Owner, Glenda Ivey, is thrilled with the turnout of this second annual
contest in which over 300 books were entered. With the success of this contest, she
looks forward to next year and another list of Award Winning Books. Glenda
feels that many Print on Demand books are of high quality work and deserve to be

Rowena Cherry's futuristic romance FORCED MATE has won or placed in over
forty Romance Writers of America contests, and was a finalist in the prestigious
Romantic Times and Dorchester Publishing NEW VOICE IN ROMANCE contest in 2003.

With two very different publishers interested in FORCED MATE, Rowena Cherry
split the rights. The electronic and Print On Demand sci-fi romance version
first came out in May of 2004. The more romantic, futuristic Love-Spell paperback
was released on November 2nd 2004.

FORCED MATE is an outrageous, tongue-in-cheek take on the traditional
abduction romance. Reviewers have called it "the ultimate Beauty and the Beast story"
and "one of the best and funniest sci-fi romances" and "a true page-turner."

Ms Cherry explains, "I decided to place my otherwise-Historical
abduction/royal marriage of convenience in outer space because as a former teacher of
English and History I have qualms about taking liberties with Historical figures. I
have no such reservations about messing with Darth Vader types.

Besides, there is a lot more scope for humor if the alien hero has been
pirating satellite tv and thinks that James Bond is a reliable role model for
courtship behavior".

FORCED MATE is available in bookstores and on the internet. To learn more
about FORCED MATE and Rowena Cherry, visit

Suzie Housley
Assistant Publisher
JADA Press
"The Dawn of the New Age in Publishing"
Web Site:

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"A great way to take the Nailbiting out of a booksigning.....
What happens is that your customers fill out an online form saying what dedication they want from which author. Then the bookseller either takes a batch of books to the author, or the author comes to each store, and the books are signed to order.....

"So... it is not virtual for the author or the bookseller, but it is for the customer."



"I like chess. I think it's sexy, intellectually stimulating, and fun."

"The title, FORCED MATE, is taken from Pandolfini’s end-game position where there are the two Kings and a few pawns. The first King to make a pawn his Queen wins. It seemed appropriate. "

"INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL refers to an end game position sometimes reached by well matched rivals.

In my novel of the same name, the heroine —who is a fashionista, and relies too much on outward appearances— assumes that she has had a sexually inadequate mate foisted upon her."



"Guernsey is a fascinating mix of swords and sorcery."



"Put Nostril Shots and Fabio at the Indy 500 ball together, ask What If…"



"I’d compare my world building to making a good curry from scratch."

"....if the heroic alien is a male, but not a “man” (because he is a god, or
a Djinn) he is not going to expect the heroine to admire his “manhood”, is



"Your reader would feel they knew a lot about a hero who had (or thought he
had) Viagra blue eyes. Suppose the heroine (human) thinks that the alien hero
has Viagra-blue eyes. What does this suggest about her? Obviously she is not a
medieval virgin. Notice that I am only giving the Viagra-blue thought to
humans. An alien might never have heard of Viagra. He might think Earth-blue. That
would sound like a paradox to us. We think of earth tones as browns. An
alien’s first color impression of the planet Earth would more likely be of our
atmosphere and oceans.
I’d like to add a disclaimer. I have never researched a blue-eyed hero
with erectile dysfunction. If I had, I’d know whether or not Viagra is sea or



" is like doing a 1,500 piece jigsaw. I like to make sure I have
almost all the pieces, then I work all around the edges, then I work on all the
flowery bits… or bits of the similar colors/patterns/ themes, then I sort out the
anonymous elements and try them out in different places to see where they fit



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