4.5 Unicorns

Prince Tarrant-Arragon, Tiger Prince and Terror of the Dodecahedronsof, seeks a djinn bride who has been hidden among the woman of earth.  There he finds Djinni-Vera, a half-djinn woman, who has been raised as a Saurian White Knight.  The only problem is she’s sworn to oppose the man she believes to be the dissolute evil of the universe.  Consequently, Tarrant chooses to kidnap the virgin Jinny in order to carry on the Great Djinn bloodline.  Portraying himself as a fellow Saurian Knight, Tarrant, a.k.a. Tigger, convinces Jinny to enter his limo and proceeds with his abduction plan.

Djinni-Vera (or Jinny as it’s pronounced) has been destined since birth to marry a Djinn heir.  Her fiancé, JJ is a rogue, but she’s known him all her life.  When Tigger, an An’Koori, abducts her she sets out to convince him to switch allegiances and help the Knights remove Prince Tarrant from the throne.  He soon disabuses her of the idea informing her that he intends to marry her.

Now, all Tarrant has to do is convince Jinny to fall in love with him and hope that when she finds out whom he really is, her love will keep her tied to him.  What he doesn’t know and is that in addition to being raised as a Saurian Knight, she’s the daughter of the Saurian Dragon, and taught to fear sex.  Thus, Tigger begins his subtle and not so subtle attempts at seducing Jinny, which leads to him tricking her into a marriage. Will Tarrant succeed with his plan?  How will the two of them deal with the coming rut-rage?  What will Jinny do when she finds out his true identity?

Rowena Cherry’s Forced Mate is a groundbreaking novel.  Through the use of chess analogies and chess moves, Ms. Cherry created a wonderful futuristic romance.  Interspersed throughout the story are humorous outbursts, uniquely humorous curse words rich dialogue.  Each character is fleshed out in such a way that the reader comes to know the characters intimately.  This reviewer developed a true fondness for Grievous and Madam Tarra and hopes to see them in future books from the author.

It’s amusing to see how Jinny and Tarrant relate to each other and the degree to which they will go to get their own way.  They think they are right and that their way is right, but as with any relationship which is built on love, they both learn the art of compromise and open communication begins to occur, albeit, very slowly indeed.  While Tarrant is sneaky, you have to admire his shrewd persistence when it comes to getting his Djinni, without it there would have been no relationship to speak of.

 So if you want to read an interesting futuristic romance then Rowena Cherry’s Forced Mate is the book for you!

~ Rogue Storm



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