Review: Insufficient Mating Material

Rowena Cherry’s INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL is a fantastic story of alien worlds, royalty, intrigue, evil plots and secrets.
When Djetthro-Jason fails to mate with Tarrant-Arragon’s sister as had been agreed upon, Tarrant-Arragon takes things into his own hands and literally shoots them out of the sky, trapping them on a seemingly deserted island, hoping that spending time together in a survival manner will bring about the mating.

Princess Martia-Djulia can’t get over her own brother trying to kill her.  First he tells her the man she wants for mate is dead and then he tries to trick her into mating with some royal imposter.  Now, when that plan doesn’t work, he actually shoots them out of the sky and abandons them on a deserted island.  And it appears that he isn’t the only one trying to kill her.  It will take two exiled empresses, a serious talent for disguise and a whole lot of luck to ferret out the assassin and bring Djetth and Marsh together for a happily ever after.

INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL is the third story in Rowena Cherry’s Tiger Princes of Tigron series.  Had this reader read the first two books in the series, she feels certain that she would have had far less difficulty figuring out who was who and how they related to everyone else that popped in and out of the story as it unfolded.  Unfortunately, this reader has not YET read the other two books in the series and did have some difficulty trying to figure out the back-story.  And that is a shame, because this story really was an excellent read.
Rowena Cherry creates an alien world that is so vivid and multidimensional that readers easily picture the characters and their plight as first Djetthro-Jason goes under the surgeons knife, is turned down at the mating ceremony by Martia-Djulia and then as the two are forced to work together, some of the time anyway, for their very survival (or so they think).  Of course, this story is about royalty and as we all know, with royalty comes deception, politics and a whole lot of plotting.
The characters are all wonderfully colorful and vibrant.  Djetthro-Jason grew up on Earth and had his intended mate stolen right out from under him by his royal cousin who takes him on a royal chase to other worlds and almost gets him killed for his efforts.  So when we meet him in INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL he is now resigned to losing his intended to his cousin and prepared to mate with the royal princess, who he just might have actual feelings for after all.  Of course, she doesn’t realize the surgically altered Djetthro is the man she is pining for and she is naturally cautious and leery of her brother’s reasons for wanting her to mate with this new “prince”. 

The scenes between Djetth and Marsh after they are stranded are amusing, frustrating, entertaining and yes, very hot.  These two characters really leap off the page.  Equally interesting are the many other characters in the story from the two exiled empresses to Tarrant-Arragon and his mate and even the evil assassin at the end.
By the time this reader made her way to the end of this intriguing and entertaining futuristic romance, she too was a definite Rowena Cherry fan.  Alien worlds, royal intrigue, plotting, evil and secrets aplenty make for a spellbinding tale that has talented fantasy romance author Rowena Cherry proving her very interesting Prince Djetthro-Jason is most certainly not INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL.






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