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Sentenced to a fate worse than death,
Djetthro-Jason can never tell her the truth.
Even if he knew what the truth was .

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2007 Fall Night Owl Romance Awards

Best Fantasy / Sci-Fi Romance
Second Place
by Rowena Cherry


The love of her life is dead,
so she has been told...


Two could stare.
From where she was lying, Martia-Djulia had a very good view of his long, hard, muscled legs. Indeed, he was in very much better shape than her first impression had been of him, fully clothed, two cycles ago.She, on the other hand, had let herself go a little in the past two cycles. Where, after all, was the point in looking her best for her beloved Commander Jason, if Jason was never coming back? It would be foolish to make herself look as attractive as possible when she did not want the Mate who was sniffing around her.



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Rowena Cherry is an awesome writer. Her books captivate and entertain. Go out and buy the whole series! It is worth your time.
~ Debi Sullivan

Rowena Cherry has done it again! Her first book in this series, Forced Mate, made a fan out of me so I knew this one, Insufficient Mating Material, would be another great read. I wasn't wrong! This reader rarely goes for science fiction material, but anything Ms Cherry writes I will read, and you should as well. Sensual, funny and highly imaginative, you feel as though you are there, in space, outside of this earthly existence. All I can say is: where is the next book in the series, Rowena? I'm ready to read!
~ Diane D White

Ms. Cherry is one of the most imaginative romance/sci-fi writers around! It's easy to see her world building, story lines, and character development are all given equal attention to detail to create a throughly enjoyable, multi-dimensional read!
~ Victoria Bromley

We drooled over Prince Djetthro-Jason before and now Rowena Cherry has written his story--one that was definitely worth the wait! In her typical fashion, Ms. Cherry combines sex, action, love, and adventure into one terrific story. Did I say sex? Whoowee! Princess Martia-Djulia is overlooked, underrated, but not underfed. Commander Jason has captured her heart and she refuses to give in to Emperor Tarrant-Arragon's demand that she marry Prince Djetthro-Jason. Meantime, Djetth, having had wild and crazy sex with her as Jason, is quite amenable to at least the bedsport part of the deal. Her curves drive him absolutely mad with desire. But he has to be patient--not his long suit. Patience isn't the princess's brother's long suit, either. When Djetth doesn't make progress convincing the princess to mate with him, the emperor decides to shoot the two wayward lovers down on a deserted island. The couple has to resort to surviving on their wits--which is hard since they're both at their wits' end. Insufficient Mating Material is a sexy, funny adventure story, and informative, too. I had a great time reading this book. Ms. Cherry has written a great follow-up to Forced Mate and Mating Net that won't disappoint either her fans or her new readers. IMM is a stand-alone book. You don't have to read the previous book and novella to have a great reading experience. But I'll bet you'll want to read her other books once you've read this one. Three cheers for Rowena Cherry!
~ Jacquie Rogers

An easy-to-follow summary piques the reader's interest after an intriguing cover design catches the reader's eye. And with a title as unexpected as Insufficient Mating Material, what romance reader wouldn't pick this up and do some further investigation? Rowena Cherry has a winner in the title, design and summary categories. Now then...once you get into Ms. Cherry's novel, you're immediately engrossed. Her humor is sometimes subtle, sometimes over-the-top, but always spot on. She gives a romance reader exactly what's desired. There's nothing "insufficient" about Insufficient Mating Material! Fantastic author with a fantastic style.
~ Sandy Lender

Rowena's titles are always catchy and engaging and I love how they tie in to chess terms. The cover of this book makes me think of old Hollywood movies, which I love. It is subtle but sexy. Rowena is one of the best fantasy writers of her time.
~ Lori S.

Loved this story...the humor caught my attention and the passion was hot enough to leave a sunburn on my nose just from having the book open.
~ Mary Wine

With a new identity, honour bound Tiger Prince, Jeth, (Djethro-Jason) finds himself at his own mating day with none other than his sweetheart Princess, Martia-Djulia. But what is the problem with that, I hear you ask? Were they not made for each other? Unfortunately, that is the problem as Jeth cannot reveal who he really is as much as he'd love to. When one thing leads to another they both flee their public mating ritual in disgust, only to have their space craft shot down on planet An'Koor. Who would benefit from almost killing them? Unbeknown to the couple, they are imprisoned on Freighter Island as part of a plan to force them to breed, as they should have done during their mating day. Stranded on this beautiful island with no one else to talk to you'd think it would be easy to woo Martia-Djulia, and believe me, Jeth tries! The pampered princess, however, is having none of what she believes to be an uncouth stranger's advances. She will not take off her designer dress for anyone! Even if it is wet and ruined. And so, their turbulent, but entertaining relationship evolves. Insufficient Mating Material is a sequel to Forced Mate, and author, Rowena Cherry, cleverly rockets the science fiction and romance sub-genre into the stratosphere, igniting passion, burning desires and explosive family secrets along the way. It's full steam ahead, and quite a bumpy ride for our main characters, where love collides in the most alien of worlds and a plot like this keeps you suspended in time and space. There's absolutely no escape until the final conclusion has been revealed. A romantic, breathtaking escape from reality, with some hot erotic moments and a fast paced plot. A good example of what can be done with this sub-genre. I loved it!
~ Sassy Brit

Rowena Cherry has penned another witty, multifaceted winner. Intriguing characters, meticulous world-building, and snappy dialogue make this a great addition to anyone's bookshelf.
~ Julia Clark

This woman can really write.
~ Carol Jo Goss

You had me at the title :-). Who can resist such a wry and yet strangely evocative title? And the cover and blurb superbly build on this. The cover is beautiful and sensual without being overly graphic, and the blurb lets you know exactly how much fun this book is going to be. Humor, wit, excitement, erotic, and even a killer! Can't wait to read it!
~ Amy Corwin

Loved the read! A classy writer brings real life to the pages of this book. I really enjoyed this one and will buy other Rowena Cherry books!
~ Joyce Norman

Rowena is an amazing talent, and has a wonderful sense of humor.
~ Rachel

This is one of my favorite series. Rowena has built a fantastic universe with several different cultures/species of aliens (always a plus). Her bad guys are nothing to sniff at. Her good guys are incredibly alpha. And she throws in culture shock and Monty Pythonesque humor, to boot. Who could ask for more?
~ Brenna Lyons

Rowena always delivers a good read!
~ Cynthianna

Great book from a talented author. If you enjoy a dose of humour with your speculative fiction, this is a book you'll enjoy.
~ Helen Taylor

Rowena's an excellent author, and I can't wait to get my hands on this book! (After my move to Alaska, Rowena, I'm taking as little as possible...)
~ Laura Randle

Absolutely brilliant!
~ Kelly Townsend

I love Rowena's writing. Puts a grin on my face. The woman is very witty.
~ Frances

Great Science Fiction plot full of intrigue, humor and of course romance. Loved it!
~ Leslie Tramposch

?Insufficient Mating Material is a powerful romance laced with devastating family secrets, treachery and a sizzling passion hot enough to singe your fingers as you turn the pages.?
~ Romance Junkies

?Insufficient Mating Material is a strong, intelligently written book that carries on this futuristic history. Ms. Cherry wrote a provocative well-described story of love, betrayal and survival. Laced with sarcasm, irony and humor, this book has a provocative plot.?
~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

If you do not like hot, steamy, memorable flavors in your tea, I suggest you pass the kettle on to someone who does. Excellent adventure and highly recommended!
~ Detra Fitch

She gives us a skillful melding of a complex and absorbing storyline, peopled with characters full of quirks, hidden depths and subtleties.
~ Julia Clark

The intrigue is dynamic, never have I read a romance novel with more twisted and tangled subterfuge interwoven so well.
~ Aris
Alternative-Read.com Reviewer

How to sum up this delightful novel? Okay, here?s the Hollywood pitch: think Beauty and the Beast meets James Bond, only funnier, and with aliens.
~ Em Sky


"...someone wants to kill the Princess. Of course, Djetth’s grandmother and Marsh’s mother have something to say about that. They set out to prove just how dangerous little old ladies can be."
~ Allie Jones

Fantastic storytelling supported by exceptional, detailed world-building shine throughout this book.

~ Julia Clark , paranormalromance.org

Insufficient Mating Material is an outstanding sequel to Forced Mate ! Cherry skillfully combines mystery, romance, and humor with a fast-paced science fiction adventure. I couldn’t put it down!

~ Jean, Fallen Angel Reviews

You've done it again!!! I loved, loved, loved it!!!

~ Kathy Boswell
Managing Editor, The Best Reviews




"Creator" Cauldwell
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4.5 Hearts
After losing a battle that should have resulted in his death, Prince Djetthro-Jason agrees to mate with the victor’s sister.  The only problem is that Princess Martia-Djulia is in love with his alter ego Commander Jason and she must never find out that they are one and same!

~ Tamara, Suite Magazine

Run, don't walk to the nearest bookstore, and buy a copy of this truly awesome book.
~ "Creator" Cauldwell
Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio
Podcast Media Broadcast Services

This book also has one of the best ending sequences. Everyone in the story pulls together against a common enemy. Ms. Cherry has created a seriously evil villain. What goes around comes around, and it definitely came back on this villainous specimen.


Bravo, Rowena Cherry, by far you are the Queen of Futuristic Romance! From the riveting first chapter, you had me glued to my seat. Your writing style invokes the deepest form of highflying action. Once again your have provided the best there is to be offered in Futuristic Romance. Very highly recommended.

~ Suzie Housley

This is a terrific science fiction romance in which the world building is so stupendous readers will believe they are visiting an alien landscape with different societal values and norms. The action-packed story line focuses on two manipulated individuals with pasts that make both vulnerable .... With her Tigran Empire tales, Rowena Cherry is staking a claim as the Empress of heated science fiction romantic thriller.

~ Harriet Klausner


Four and a half shamrocks
Pure perfection with some terrifically funny dialogs between the pampered princess and one sexually frustrated Prince DJetthro

~ Marilyn Rondeau
Reviewers International Organization (RIO)

We drooled over Prince Djetthro-Jason before and now Rowena Cherry has written his story--one that was definitely worth the wait!

~Jacquie Rogers

Rating: Four Stars, Heat Level: S

~Marcy Arbitman
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

What is it like, exactly, when two gods go head to head?
Stellar wit, wonderful characters and amazing research into basic and not so basic survival techniques make for a very real and relatable environment for the prince and princess. This was without a doubt one of my favorite reads of 2006!

~ Kenda Montgomery


Utterly enthralling

A year ago Tarrant-Arragon wouldn't believe he was going to set his sister up. I loved this book, and I know Insufficient Mating Material is a book you will not want to miss either.

~ Rose, Romanceatheart.com


A Sizzling Passion

INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL is a powerful romance laced with devastating family secrets, treachery and a sizzling passion hot enough to singe your fingers as you turn the pages. Ms. Cherry has become an auto-buy author for me.

~ Billie Jo, Romance Junkies


"another hot and captivating episode of the rut-rageous Djinns" With intriguing twists and turns, action encounters, entertaining dialog mixed with sexual innuendo and hot romance, this is a book that you won't put down until the end.

~ Cy Korte of Ebookisle


Rowena Cherry is one of the best sub-genre writers due to her skill at placing the heroic characters in impossible scenarios

~ Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur


I really like Cherry's writing; it is literate and fast moving, with active imagery, and it challenges the reader.

~ Jean Cooper, reviewer, Fallen Angel Reviews


The rare sequel that betters the original!  Djetthro-Jason’s story is awesome. Worth waiting for.

~ Brenda, MystiqueBooks.com


Just my sort of thing... reminded me of The Last Starfighter.

~ Dave McChesney, avid reader of action-packed fantasy and science fiction


INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL is a powerful romance laced with devastating
family secrets, treachery and a sizzling passion.... Ms. Cherry has become an auto buy author for me.

~ Billie Jo, Romance Junkies


What a fantastic read!  A book full of sensuality, humor, intrigue and action.  I loved it!  I always knew survival had many erotic and exciting possibilities.  Rowena Cherry proved it with INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL!

~ Les Stroud, aka SURVIVORMAN





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