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New Concepts Publishing (e-book)


ISBN: 0976539713
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Price: $6.00

Check, Mate!

Her lures were intended for a prince, but a ruthless Emperor netted her…

What is an ambitious young princess to do when she finds herself irrevocably married to the wrong god? What is her jilted fiancé to do?

Prince Devoron-Vitan, supreme commander of the Tigron Empire's star forces, wants to go home and find out what the starblazes is going on. In one short gestate, his twin brother Djohn-Kronos has killed their father, taken the throne, nullified all existing royal betrothals, and started a war.

Why a war? If there had ever been a good reason for killing republicans and democrats, he’d like to hear it. Then, rumors reach Devoron-Vitan that Djohn-Kronos intends to catch Devoron-Vitan's fiancée—Helispeta—in his MATING NET

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