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Rowena Cherry’s FORCED MATE is interplanetary intrigue, suspense and surprising hilarity.  Never has a romance had such a twisted and unusual beginning.

Lydia Funneman, Writers Unlimited

FORCED MATE ... has many action packed scenes that have you wondering if Djinni will indeed got the best of Tarrant-Arragon, or will Tarrant-Arragon turn the tables and get her. Will Djinni figure out that her abductor is none other than the person she has sworn to hate before she loses her heart? Ms. Cherry also gave us several steamy scenes to enjoy along with the action. If sci-fi adventures are something you like, give this first time author a chance. If not you should because you may find that other worlds are just as wonderful a place to explore as Earth is.


Brenda McCoy, Coffee Time Romance

Ms. Cherry has introduced us to a refreshing change in the routine alien story plot. She has produced a completely new way to curse and put it in a love story. Her sense of humor shines through. This was one book that I had to force myself not to look at the ending. You never could guess what her spunky little heroine was going to do next. Do not miss Grievous. He is a scene-stealer. In fact, do not miss this author. She is a scene-stealer herself.


Cynthia Lovett, The Best Reviews

Rowena Beaumont Cherry has written a fascinating romance that blends some of our current "Earth" history with customs from all over the galaxy.

FORCED MATE has a little bit of everything: lots of action, deception and forgiveness, plenty of sexual tension and different alien cultures to contemplate. This was such a fun book to read that I highly recommend!


Nicole Hulst ,

... one of the best science fiction romances I've read.

Jean, Fallen Angels Reviews

I loved it. It is science fiction in the best "blasters and spaceships" tradition, with a theme of political intrigue running throughout. But wait! There’s more! This is a very emotionally satisfying love story.


Nora Santella, author of GUESS AGAIN, EPPIE finalist, and CAPA nominee

FORCED MATE rollicks with adventure. Rowena Beaumont Cherry raises the bar for fictional alpha males, especially those populating sci-fi romance, with the alien djinn universe she's created. Tarrant-Arragon, the Tiger Prince, is an absolute mind sticker.


Celia Merenyi, A Romance Review

This is fantasy on a mega-scale, - be prepared to find your mind challenged, your adrenaline pumped and your funny-bone tickled until you're laughing hysterically. In other words, find a nice quiet corner out of the public eye to enjoy this complex novel.


Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today

FORCED MATE is a wonderful paranormal romance that quickly captured my attention. Newcomer Rowena Beaumont Cherry is a new voice in the romance genre that should not be missed. Her attention-grabbing characters with their witty repartee are a delight to savor.


Harriet Klausner, Sime~Gen Reviews

FORCED MATE is a terrific science fiction tale that uses humor to forward the exciting plot. The story line engages elements from a suspense thriller and romance, but never loses its essence as a galaxy empire tale. Still the key to Rowena Beaumont Cherry’s fine story is the believability of the cast. Fans will believe in these seven-foot (non-NBA) hunks from space and wish for the best for the delightful “half-breed” Djinni-Vera. This excellent romantic sci fi thriller calls for a sequel or two as several other players deserve their comeuppance, make that story, told.


Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews

Wow! What a book. This book kept me on my toes from beginning to end. There was copious amounts of non stop action and adventure with a hero and heroine who keep multiple secrets from each other. They are either going to love hard or kill each other. Read the book to figure out which it is! I eagerly look forward to more off-world stories from Rowena Beaumont Cherry!


Diane T., The Romance Studio

Rowena Beaumont Cherry has written a world full of seven-foot men, who are powerful as well as strong and handsome and women with the power of clairvoyance and the will to survive. It's a beautiful and strange world; with a mixture of a futuristic world verses humans, where Djinni rules supreme. Djinni finds herself drawn to Tarrant, no matter how hard she tries to fight it. Tarrant has his work cut out for him, when he learns that Djinni not only hates him, but also has an unnatural dislike for sex. I found a lot of humor in the story as well. Wait until you find out how the enemy passes messages. You will laugh until it hurts. You will meet Grievous, an English chauffer, who befriends Tarrant and Djinni. The entire story is very exciting and you'll love the characters. Be sure to get a copy and step into a different world of fantasy and love. Enjoy!


Brenda Thatcher, Escape to Romance

FORCED MATE absolutely ROCKS! It screams into motion and hurls ever forward, never letting up...I burned through this book in one day. FORCED MATE engages the mind, the intellect, and the heart. It is not to be missed.


Linnea Sinclair, Award Winning Science Fiction Romance Author

I've read this book and it's AWESOME! A total hoot! I couldn't put it down.


Leslie Kelly, Award Winning Author of Night Whispers

A great story...beautifully written, wonderfully funny and sexy.


Jennifer Dunne, Triple EPPIE Winner; Author of Shadow Prince and Sex Magic

FORCED MATE is the ultimate 'Beauty and the Beast' story. Tarrant-Arragon is pure alpha-wolf, world whose motto is 'by stealth if possible, by force if necessary'. Ruled by his senses and the dictates of primal biology, he has chosen Djinni as his mate, and wants her to be happy, but for that to happen, she must 'civilize' him. He's willing to act civilized, if it means he gets Djinni, but it's a much harder road to actually become civilized. Readers who love alpha males will drool over Tarrant-Arragon, a paragon of alpha-ness. And everyone will enjoy this validation of the transformational power of love.


Gini Wilson, Author of All That Glitters

Have you ever started a book and wished it would never end? That was the way FORCED MATE affected me.



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