I write impure, escapist Romances where improbably gorgeous, handsome, healthy gods from outer space fall in love with imperfect women (or Princesses). Forced Mate was my first and is a futuristic humorous take on the traditional bodice ripper, except that no clothing gets ripped apart from a kimono like sleeve on the hero's garment when he wants to impress the heroine with his Hugh Jackman-like biceps.

Sequels are Insufficient Mating Material which is another chess title, and nothing whatsoever to do with unimpressive wedding tackle, and Knight's Fork both of which have also won awards, are funny, and Romantic.

Knight's Fork was released to bookstores everywhere in October 2008. 

Already, this laugh-out-loud funny book has been voted Readers' Choice Book of the Week on the LASR site, and has been awarded a September "PNR Reviewer's Top Pick" also the October "PNR Reviewer's Top Pick" as well as a "PNR Staff Top Read" mention.

So, what is it about? And is it a stand-alone book?

"The god-Princes of Tigron" series is about the love lives of one Prince (Crown Prince Tarrant-Arragon) his younger half-sister (Martia-Djulia), and his elder sister (Electra-Djerroldina) –the Princesses Imperial of Tigron. Their "Matings" (or marriages) may be politically necessary, politically disastrous, or politically motivated accidents, but in the end, a royal family that was split by a sex scandal comes together.

Third and last in the series, KNIGHT'S FORK begins with a happily married Queen (or is she?) keeping up appearances in public while everyone waits for her younger sister's "Mating" ceremony to start. Her Majesty beguiles the shining hour by thinking of testicles. Her husband, the King, isn't there with her, and she doesn't waste her time thinking about hi s majestic parts.

One of the Queen's pet tigers snarls a warning. The Queen catches her Great uncle trying to read her mind, and the reader picks up on a second hint that the Queen's relationship with her alien King is not our human idea of marital bliss. Eventually we learn that Queen Electra's life is in danger if she cannot produce an heir. Her King (an alien) is genetically incompatible, and will never be able to impregnate her, but he won't admit it. She needs a sperm donor.

Enter 'Rhett.

'Rhett is young, healthy, handsome, connected, but unattached, famously discreet, and his eyes are green, like the alien King's. He's from the rogue side of the family, so not too closely related. If anyone has the right stuff, he does.

'Rhett says No.

A Queen cannot simply give up when her life and a kingdom are at stake, but the next time she approaches 'Rhett, she's seen leaving his bedroom, and World leaders assume the worst.

"If you've made up your mind to impale someone, do it with conviction."
~Rhett, Knight’s Fork

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