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He was Tarrant-Arragon, the Tiger Prince and Terror of the Dodecahedrons. He'd made his choice, had selected his bride, and he'd have her. By guile or by force, if necessary, for he was not a man whose will was often thwarted.

She was Djinni-vera. White Knight and Chosen Bride. She was also the only daughter of the Saurian Dragon and quite possibly the last fertile female Djinni. She was also, very much an Earth child. One who had been taught to despise Prince Tarrant-Arragon.

Being abducted was bad. Having been tricked into marriage was worse. But when her sexually captivating and unexpectedly endearing husband turned out to be the tyrant Tarrant-Arragon, well could things get any worse?

FORCED MATE absolutely ROCKS! It screams into motion and hurls ever forward, never letting up. It's a thrill ride mix of political machinations, mistaken identity/romantic comedy, and colliding cultures. Witnessing "Earth verses the Empire" was hilarious. Indeed, I laughed out loud on more than one occasion. However, it should be noted that

FORCED MATE is far more than its lovely comedic elements. It is a fabulous political thriller whose turns, twists, and layers threw me for many a "loop." Once I read the first paragraph, I was happily hooked. My one complaint? We could have had spicier sex, but that's a personal preference.

Unless you are a chess Grand Master, do not sit across a chessboard from Rowena Beaumont Cherry. Her mind seems to be six to seven moves ahead of the rest of us at any given moment in time. FORCED MATE is fantastic proof of her exceptional talents.

I burned through this book in one day. FORCED MATE engages the mind, the intellect, and the heart. It is not to be missed. If the author decides to write a story with J-J and Princess Martia-Djulia, I'll be standing in line to purchase it.

Oh, and using condoms to carry secret messages was pure genius.

~ Brenda Thatcher



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