Five Angels!

Djinni (pronounced "Jinni") is the last fertile female of the Royal Djinn, and she has been sequestered on Earth to hide her from the Emperor and his family. The Crown Prince, Tarrant-Arragon, must marry a Djinn female. Djinni is descended from a disaffected line of the Royal Family, and has been groomed to marry an unknown cousin of Tarrant-Arragon. She's also been informed of the Crown Prince's debased character and cruelty, so has taken the oath of a Saurian White Knight to attempt to kill him, or to kill herself if he attempts to take her as a forced mate.

This is a big problem for Tarrant-Arragon, who isn't really as bad as Djinni has been led to believe. He's arrogant, dominant, and doesn't think much about anyone other than himself, but he's not debased. Tarrant-Arragon has discovered Djinni's existence, and is determined to have her for his wife. He is also determined that he will "make" her love him, to avoid the tragedies caused by the broken marriages of the past several generations of Emperors. Therefore he cannot reveal his real identity to Djinni until he is certain that she loves him. Meanwhile, the Saurian Knights are trying to bring down the Royal Family and disrupt the Empire...

This book is long and complex and I loved it. It is science fiction in the best "blasters and spaceships" tradition, with a theme of political intrigue running throughout. But wait! There's more! This is a very emotionally satisfying love story between a feminist woman and a man who has never considered the wishes and desires of another person at any time. The love story is extremely fun to watch, as Tarrant-Arragon discovers that his bride-to-be is not only not docile and frightened of him, but that she is smart, brave, and not ready to be caught by any man. You will love watching their interactions, as he tries to go against his upbringing by being thoughtful, patient, and considerate in order to win his bride's heart. You do have to work a bit to follow the story, but it was well-written and wove the various storylines into a comprehensive whole by the end of the novel. This novel will grab you and hold you until you finish it, so I don't recommend it for a five-minute before-bedtime read!

~ Jean



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