"Power and politics are their world, but love may change everything"

Prince Tarrant-Aragon, the god-Emperor of Tigron, discovers the only woman who could be his Mate has been hidden on the planet Earth. He is all-powerful and ruthless and has come to acquire her. That his Earthling limo driver dares to make sly observations along the way was unheard of -- but intriguing. Not being a foolish human, Greg, a cynical mercenary known as Grievous, tactfully keeps his mouth shut about things like the little miss naming the boss 'Tigger'.

Djinni's father is the Saurian Dragon, leader of the Saurian Knights and she has trained extensively. Feeling secure while hiding on Earth, she has been betrothed to 'JJ' since childhood and is an integral part of a plan to enthrone him as the new god-Emperor of Tigron. Although she is suspicious when first approached, the stranger appeared to be a Saurian Knight; so she followed trustingly. Too late Djinni finds she has been abducted. Despite several escape attempts, she is now on Tigger's ship and in danger of breaking her Saurian vows.

Djinni does not realize that the poem she read was actually a wedding ceremony and that Tigger is the prince she has been taught to dread. He was forced to abduct her and wed her, but Tarrant-Aragon does not want a battle- ground for a marriage as his father and grandfather before him. As Prince of Tigron he is considered all-powerful, but how to make his half-Earthling wife accept him? Her lack of respect and different perception of him and their universe is something he finds perplexing and frustrating. He hopes to win her heart, but who can he go to for such an unheard of advice? Among his choices is the Earthling limo driver, who has been bold enough to voice unasked for opinions but declares women are difficult.

There is a good balance between action and romance with subtle and outright humor adding to the main plot instead of distracting. The political intrigue brings unexpected plot twists that will keep you guessing who is on what side. The characters stay true and the changes as their relationship grows are believable.

In chess the term 'Forced Mate' is where the two kings race to make a pawn their queen. So the title is fitting and through-out the story there are several chess references. You will not find Djinni a mere pawn, though she is naïve and Tigger takes advantage of that to force changes in her life. Will his desire to have her love brings about changes that will be felt throughout their worlds and stop a revolution? This futuristic romance is one that you won't want to miss!


I read the e-book and now the paperback (Unique! Available from different publishers).  It felt like seeing a movie in theatre and then edited for TV.  Some scenes were edited for Mass Market and were excellently rewritten, rephrased, etc. Some violence and sexual reference was toned down. I EMPHATICALLY state that the Mass Market paperback showed NO noticeable lack because of the different editing and was still an enjoyable, complete story.

I was reading to review and enjoyment; not to compare the differences.  It was things left out that I noticed having read the NBI edition first.

SO, if you want ALL the relationships and motivational details explained, get the e-book or trade paperback edition.  If you are not a compulsive futuristic/sci-fi fan, but enjoy a good paranormal romance, then the Mass Market edition is for you.

~ Cy Korte


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