Review: Insufficient Mating Material

For those of you who read and enjoyed FORCED MATE, the long awaited story about Commander Jason is finally here and what a story it is!  It was well worth the wait! I highly recommend running to get this book the minute it hits your local book store!

First Tarrant-Arragon has to fix the damaged Djetthro-Jason and then he has to get him mated to Tarrant's sister Martia-Djulia. Tarrant-Arragon figures this will take care of all of his problems with his sister and with his mate's ex-fiancé!

What Tarrant-Arragon doesn't account for is Martia-Djulia's reaction to the damaged Djetthro-Jason at their mating ceremony.  It was not a nice reaction.  As a matter of fact she blasted him right on his skinny arse. 

So Tarrant-Arragon takes matters into his own hands without Djinni-vera's knowledge. After all she is pregnant with his child and he cannot have her upset so he maroons Djetthro-Jason and Martia-Djulia on An'Koori. He is sure that Djetthro-Jason can take care of them both but just in case he does place supplies around the island for them to find. Needless to say he does keep an eye on them as well just to make sure all will be well. He figures they will get along or will kill each other one but he has faith in Djetthro-Jason's charm.

Wow! I really enjoyed this book!  This book had so many of the characteristics I love when I read a book. I especially enjoyed trying to figure out all of the royal intrigue going on and who was an enemy of whom!

 I hope we will get more stories about Rowena's Tigron Empire of the Djinn. I know I'm anxious to visit the world and the characters over and over!

Kathy Boswell
Managing Editor, The Best Reviews




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