Review: Insufficient Mating Material

Rating: 4 Stars
Heat level: S

Crashed on a deserted island and marooned with his ex-Mate who refused him, Prince Djetthro-Jason (Djetth) has to find some way to help them both survive. Princess Martia-Djulia (Martia-Djulia) is unaware that Djetth is also the Commander Jason that she fell in love with quite some time ago. Djetth had been fighting in the war and after surgery to change his appearance and then being starved, only a tattoo on his penis could give him away. Djetth is quickly brought to the realization that mere propinquity won't turn Martia-Djulia his way. Both Martia-Djulia and Djetth think that Martia-Djulia's older brother, god-Prince Tarrant-Arragon, is trying to kill them. How will they survive what might be years on an island?

Continuing the award-winning book Forced Mate, Insufficient Mating Material is a strong, intelligently written book that carries on this futuristic history. Ms. Cherry wrote a provocative well-described story of love, betrayal and survival. The main characters, Djetth and Martia-Djulia, are equal in emotional strength and they shoot sparks off each other. Palace intrigue swirls around the main plot of the two stranded and is an interesting side story. Djetth does his best to sweet-talk Martia-Djulia into bed and she does her best to ignore him.
Unfortunately for her, Martia-Djulia is unable to ignore Djetth for long! Laced with sarcasm, irony and humor, this book has a provocative plot. The mystery about who was the killer is also intriguing. I did have some trouble because I did not read the previous book. I would have found Insufficient Mating Material a much easier read had I done so. I did enjoy it enough that I intend to read the first book as soon as possible.

~Marcy Arbitman
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