Review: Mating Net

4.5 Stars

Reviewed by Kelley Hartsell (read October 2005)

In Mating Net by Rowena Beaumont Cherry, readers are given the back-story on the love triangle of the family of Prince Tarrant-Arragon, the hero in Forced Mate.

Helispeta has loved Prince Devoron-Vitan, twin brother to Emperor Djohn-Kronos, for as long as she can remember. She has been betrothed to him for many years and is grateful not to be wed to the cruel emperor. She looks forward to all of Devoron’s visits via hologram and is eager for the day they can be wed and be together in person.

Djohn-Kronos is a merciless man, guilty of all manner of horrors against his people… and his family. His latest plan is to solidify his control over their planet by stealing his twin brother’s intended mate and ensuring the purity of the royal bloodline. Poor Helispeta has no chance of resisting him once he snares her in his Mating Net.

Prince Devoron-Vitan is out of the loop, way out. While off fighting wars begun by Djohn-Kronos, life on his home world has changed considerably. His father has been killed; his brother has become Emperor, fathered twin sons by his deceased wife, and… stolen his bride-to-be? What follows in the wake of this debacle will forever change the way of life on Planet Tigron. What of his beloved Helispeta? Is there any hope for her?

Mating Net is a racy tale, full of sexual tension that will keep one in need of cooling off. However, there is one scene about halfway through the story that may offend more sensitive readers. Ms. Cherry never crosses the line into the unacceptable range, but this particular scene could potentially make some readers uncomfortable.

Helispeta is a strong heroine, forced into situations beyond her control that make her all the more determined to get her heart’s desire. Prince Devoron-Vitan is a hero to die for – sexy, strong, and madly in love with his mate. How these two overcome the odds against them is bound to make any romantic sigh in happiness as they come to the end of the story. Djohn-Kronos is a wicked man, selfish and full of conceit at his power, but one can’t help but be impressed at his determination to succeed at any cost. All the while, he will be scorned for what he did to his father and his brother.

This story may be short and a quick read, but it packs a wallop. Ms. Cherry squeezes so much in to this short tale that readers will want to race through it to find out what will happen next. Mating Net sheds new light on some of the circumstances surrounding events of Forced Mate, and answers many questions. However, observant readers will pick up on some shocking plot twists slipped in that are bound to be fully revealed in future works by Ms. Cherry. What are those surprises? Sorry, this reviewer can’t tell you, she can only say that one will be stunned at the revelations and determined to read the next book in the series in order to find out the real secrets.

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